foto la capannina di franceschi

Italian discos: The Capannina

The Capannina the queen of Italian clubs.

discoteca capannina

The place that made the clubs in Versilia famous throughout the world.

The Capannina di Franceschi offers throughout the year the most fun in the Avenue of the Republic , 16 in Forte dei Marmi. One local for:

  • restaurant , ideal to start your evening with a romantic dinner or with friends , maybe for a bridal shower , stag , a graduation party or a birthday ;
  • disco with DJ sets and live music ;
  • privee with piano bar, the only local coast dedicated to older audience ;

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foto la capannina di franceschi

La Capannina di Franceschi scans for over 80 years the nights of Versilia. 

The star of the disco in Versilia.

Initially it was just a shack on the beach of Forte dei Marmi, staged by Achille Franceschi on the ashes of a deposit for tools. Legend has it that, after spending all his possessions to build a Grand Hotel and a casino, failed in a few months, the farmer decided to create a small haven in which to play cards with friends. Attracted by the sound of the gramophone, and sensational cocktails, The Capannina soon became a favorite of nobles and intellectuals from the Gherardesca Sforza, from Montale to Ungaretti. Ten years after its birth, the place was destroyed by a fire, but his charm did not stop. Since this club on the shores of Versilia passed the Agnelli and Barilla, Patty Pravo and Ray Charles, Gloria Gaynor and Edith Piaf. Not to mention movies with Jerry Cala, which is home to the Capannina . Today the place is owned by Gherardo and Carla Guidi continues to enchant generations.

360 degrees of The Capannina.

Foto Capannina 19 Agosto 2015

Whether you want to celebrate a birthday or to say goodbye to his single life , that you want to celebrate an anniversary or just go wild on the track , The Capannina of Forte dei Marmi is the place . The best DJs in the international mix the songs of the moment , the most promising live band Italian charm and fun , the piano bar accompanies guests to a memorable evening . Evenings that begin with a dinner , with specialties from land and sea that Chef David Romagnoli prepared following the tradition and creativity . Evenings with a cocktail in hand , become magical nights , on that track a few steps from the sea.

Live your evening in Forte dei Marmi as a celebrity.

Thanks to selected customers and chic , La Capannina is easy to feel a celebrity . Sometimes you can have a drink next to Belen Rodriguez , dinner between Giorgio Panariello and Lola Ponce . To see a show of music and laughter , with the likes of Skins , Subsonica or Teo Teocoli to give unforgettable moments . And then the resident DJ , making the disco of Forte dei Marmi a must-see for those who love the music and the dancing : Riccardo Gava , explosive charge and joy ; Stefano Natali , Tuscan soul and heart and in the notes ; Stefano Sepia , with its house music and its worldwide experience ; and , finally, Sandro Pozzi.

In Capannina fun never ends.

La Capannina Serata anni '80

Combo of the category , in Italy , never to have closed or changed its name , The Capannina  di Franceschi is part of the collective . Ours, that of our parents , and – make no mistake – what will our children . Moreover , 49 thousand Facebook fans are no joke . And no joke the reviews , all over the web , tell the disco atmosphere of Forte dei Marmi , praising the staff and talking about music that , in Italy , has few equals . Why , that is or is not for night owls , The Capannina is worth a visit . Were it not for its history that spans almost a century .

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